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RWC Testimonials

We've helped a huge list of companies achieve CE with our RWC course. Don't take our word for it, we like to let our customers speak for us! 

"Hello John,   May I take this opportunity to thank you for all your support and training whilst working through this Responsible Welding Coordinators accreditation.   From the beginning of the first days training session, it was very evident that your knowledgebase was going to be put across with assurance, and that we all were going to benefit from the experience. Your unique style of lecturing and the method of getting you point across has to be applauded, with a little humour, but very real examples of your work experiences, it produced a great level of focus, and collective determination from all the candidates to get involved. My sincere thanks to you. Really enjoyed every minute of the course, and has inspired me to get a better understanding of the NDT spectrum and its science. "
Tony Williams, Atraides CE Limited.

"I have been on a number of health and safety welding courses and found them to be extremely boring and quite difficult to take anything in. The way John structured the RWC course and the way in which he was able to reference his own experience made it interesting and understandable. In addition to this, the fact he has been in the trade for a lengthy time giving him considerable experience In what he was talking about was an added bonus. I would recommend the course to anyone."
Robert Gibb, R Gibb Fabrication & Repairs

"Very professional organisation - It was a pleasure to attend the course!"
Paul Clark, Marona Systems Ltd  

"Enjoyed the RWC course last week, John kept it interesting with his stories!" 
Stephen Roberts, Roberts Engineering 

"Saved my life and my Audit"
Miles Brookes, Shearfab 

"BNDT could not have been more helpful. I have learnt a lot and John Turner not only made the course interesting but brought some light hearted fun with his great stories"  
Finlay Currie, George H Currie Blacksmiths

"A well presented and informative course - complemented by a well appointed venue. Big thanks to John"  
Ian Shaw, DH Projects Ltd 

"Excellent course and learnt a lot. John Turner was really helpful with his explanation of procedures etc. Would definitely recommend!"   
M. Evans, CAD Shelters UK Ltd

"Enjoyed the RWC course, very informative and thorough course!"   
D. Myler, Halton Panelcraft Ltd

"John is an excellent source of knowledge with his many stories and experiences. It really helped to make the course informative and interesting."   
Samuel Fleck, Fleckimet

"Very professional company, it is very easy to do business with BNDT and will highly recommend them to our clients."
Darren Brogan, Salford Engineering Solutions

"I attended your RWC course on the 25th & 26th September 2014 and passed  (examination Results 94%) I found the course very informative and learnt a great deal and the unique way the exam is taken (I am sure this helped my exam result) due to me learning just as much at home as I did on the course."  
Alan Percival, Joseph Percival  

"From a starting point with little information regarding CE accreditation I would like to thank you for your time and patience in helping us understand the requirements. We are now well on our way to achieving accreditation and I look forward to attending the RWC course."
Kevin Whiteman, Balfour Beatty 

"Very helpful and accomodating to individual needs of the attendees on the course."   
Owen Davies. Universal Engineering Ltd   

"Dave / Susan, thanks for all your help. It was a good course, doing the exam from home helped and we are well on the way to achieving CE mark thanks to BNDT."
Peter Wayman, Wayman Fabs  

"I found the course very interesting & informative."   
Andy Leith, Hilton Industrial Services

"The course was of a good standard."   
John Fry, Assured Engineering

"I feel compelled to send you an e-mail to thank Dave, John, Jason & Sue for guiding us through this complex accreditation. We are not there yet but following our weld test results, I feel that we have overcome all the major obstacles & that you have all contributed to our progress on this journey."   
John Aynsley, Aynsley Metalwork

"I found the course very helpful and brought to my attention  several points that our company will need to review and correct .John was extremely  approachable and explained the course on a manageable level that I could understand .....Thanks." 
Brian Alexander, G.Green LTD

"May I please take this opportunity to thank you for your assistance with BS EN 1090, CE marking and for the RWC back up."  
James Smith, J Fletcher Engineering 

"Can I just say that I enjoyed the course very much, it was very informative and in a format which was easy to understand."
Rory Gibson, G&H Welding

"Thank you for your phone conversation of yesterday Dave, you have helped to dispel a lot of the myths with CE Marking."
David Knight, Steel Fabricators

"Great course, very informative delivered brilliantly by John Turner."
Ray Bishop, Versa UK 

"May i say it was a pleasure talking to you this morning, and I feel we are now on the right path, to appoint Barry Mason as our RWC, with your help."
Lee Wood, Dale Contractors 

"I just wanted to extend my thanks to you and especially to Jason for facilitating us in the evening time. Things did not run smoothly at the beginning but the all worked out in the end. I look forward to meeting you at the RWC in December." 
Gareth Kenwell, Kenwell Engineering  

"Thanks very much to each of you for all your efforts in getting this activity complete, it’s much appreciated."
Darrell Bunyon, Hydefabs

"Dave just received a copy of the test paper from last week’s course with John which I found most helpful & thought it was well presented & organised. So keep up the good work."
Tony Bland, Aynsley Metalwork

"A fantastic achievement all round and I would like to thank you all for your support, advice and assistance throughout the process and we now look forward to delivering CE Marked products to Execution Class 3 from our new CE Marked facilities."
Ian White,  VolkerBrooks Ltd

"I recommend that any business that that has CE certification or is hoping to achieve it should attend BNDT’s "Responsible Welding Coordinator" course.  It was a great course, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will take away lots of ideas, John was excellent, and all explanations were clear; he made everything relevant and practical." 
Phil Hunt, C. F. Struthers Ltd

"Firstly I would like to thank your company ,especially John who presented the RWC course superbly last week. I will get my exam papers in before end of week to you."  
Alan Smart, EMAC Engineering

"Your guidance for Vascroft with CE marking is impeccable. Indeed worth the change of service provider which management took at the moment."
Mayur V Raghavendra, Vascroft Contractors Ltd

"Firstly please pass on my thanks to John Turner for the RWC course last week, I know it was his first time but he has nothing to worry about, a very knowledgeable chap."
Carl Scott,  Tweddle Engineering

"Found the course very educational and what a cracking bloke John Turner is."
Peter Heap, Lancashire Steel Buildings Ltd

"Firstly thank you for the RWC course run last week I found John extremely informative and I could sit and listen to his past experience for weeks."
Gareth Cooke, A&G Structures Limited

"We have found you to have been very helpful to us. It is a great course and we've learnt a lot"
Anthony &Francesca Faulkner,  Faulkner Fabrications Ltd

"Hi John, Its official, we've got it! Thank you for your help."
Stuart Follows,  D Wilson Ltd

"Thanks for all this information Dave. Wish we had known about you 6 months ago."
Daren Basson,  Inside2outside Ltd

"Thank you for the recent training you delivered at Lisburn. I really enjoyed your delivery of the course and learned some valuable information. It was obvious that you have had much experience, not just with general steel work but with pipe work and pressure systems."
Robert McCarroll,  Cimpina Ltd.

"Just to let you know that we have had a successful ISO 1090 audit and we now await our certificate. It has been a long journey but thanks to your help and assistance in getting us started. It was immensely helpful and we wouldn’t have known where to start without you and your role of RWC was invaluable."
Margaret, SGC Steel Fabrication

"John is very good – very knowledgeable and clearly has a vast experience in the industry.  Able to tell a lot of interesting stories!"
Shane Fitzpatrick, Macspec Engineering Ltd

"Can I just say that I found the course very informative and was very well presented The unusual Way of doing the exam really makes you think more and research more helping to really identify the course content."
Andy McLeod, Environmental Fabrications Ltd

"BNDT seem to be popping up all over the shop. I am also planning to get on the responsible welding coordinator (RWC) course, run by John Turner there. Probably in August if there's a place left."
Paul Tither, PP Group Ltd

"Very professional organisation, it was a pleasure to attend the course."
Marina Systems Ltd

"Very well run course, keep up the good work guys." 
Craig Adams, Burnley Bead Blasting Ltd

"Excellent course learnt a lot, John Turner was really helpful with his explanation of procedures etc. Would recommend definitely."
M Evans, Cad Shelters UK Ltd

"Good Course, well structured, very informative."
Ashley Roberts, George Greens Keighley Ltd

"Course was well presented in an easy to understand and friendly manner. John Turner is very passionate about this subject which shows throughout his presentation."
Andrew Nickson,Leisure Stuctures Ltd

"John is God."
Mark Ellison, Ellison AC Package Plant Solutions.

"John made the course interesting and easy to understand."
Gary Jones, Total Steelwork & Fabrication

"I found the course to be very informative to say, I have been in fabrication for 25 years. John was a great tutor - presenter, willing to offer advise & support after the course had finished."
Michael Walton, WP Structures

"Very good course with a very polite and knowledgeable guy."
Darren Hollingsworth, Global Platforms Ltd

"BNDT must be the benchmark in training for the role of RWC. John Turner has an engaging training style that makes learning infectious. Using practical examples, his broad knowledge base and humour, guides students through a focused syllabus encompassing the requirements and responsibilities of the RWC within the scope of BS EN 1090:2009 +A1:2011."
Tony Williams, Atraides CE Limited.

"BNDT seem to be popping up all over the shop. I am also planning to get on the responsible welding coordinator (RWC) course, run by John Turner there. Probably in August if there's a place left."
Paul Tither, PP Group Ltd

"Yourself, John and your company have been brilliant at helping me out over the last 2 years even with stupid stuff that i have been asking with this very difficult auditor that i seem to have. I will be sending any of my business i have your way as you provide an excellent service."
David Wray, Wray Engineering

"Really good to speak to you this morning, and to reassure myself that there are some really good companies out there trying to provide a genuine resource, an excellent service and to make a difference in industry. I found the conversation very encouraging and also enlightening."
Tony Williams, Fluid Power Basics

"Good Afternoon John,   It was great to meet you last week on the RWC course. A very well presented comprehensive course. Would it be possible to get a quote to conduct Welder Qualifications and Procedures?"
Dave Colburn, The Abbey Group

"Johns enthusiasm and knowledge of the subject makes it easy and enjoyable whilst on the course"

A Whitton Taziker Industrial


"Just like to say thanks for your help and advice yesterday, must admit it was a like a breath of fresh air to talk with someone who has been at the "sharp end" fed up talking to some consultants who have  more degrees than a thermometer but wouldn't know a 50 x 50 angle if you hit them over the head with it! (and I have been tempted) So thanks again John talk soon Ed"

Eddie Warburton, Grand Engineering CYMK

Thanks very much for all your help with the RWC certification - I found the process informative and pleasurable"

Bob Hogben BH Eng LTD

 The RWC course of which I attended last week which I thoroughly enjoyed. I will be in touch later in the week to arrange a date for us to go through weld qualification for myself and two others as discussed.

Neil Ambrose Works Manager   LJF Engineering ltd

Ralph Cannon.   BH Precision

BNDT has provided an excellent service in terms of responsiveness, turnaround and presentation of the welder quals and procedures. A big thanks to all that made this happen.