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P.A.T Services

PAT testing consists of electrical tests and the visual appraisal of electrical appliances. This is equipment which may be portable, moveable, hand held or stationary which contains a plug or a socket.

Casing, cable or socket damage to an appliance invariably will mean that it is less safe for use and could be potentially dangerous.

The user may receive an electric shock and / or the appliance is more likely to become a fire hazard. 

Although the electrical tests carried out in the pat inspection are an integral function, it is, however, the visual inspection which makes up the largest part of the test.

Most appliances that fail the portable appliace testing PAT will fail visually.

Rectification of such failures will usually consist of a change of a plug or replacement fuse or simple wiring reapairs. 



We will carry out the electrical & visual inspection of your appliances. We can provide the following:

 Carry out repairs where necessary & retest.

 Label and record the results.

 Issue a certificate of conformance indicating the status of the these tests.

 Keep all records on our systems.

 Remind you in advance of any future retest dates.We will advise and assist when you need advice or assistance.


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