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BNDT now has three purpose built bays available to carry out Radiography (X-ray and Gamma) on pressure vessels, castings, forgings, pipe work, WPQR’s and WQT’s. We are able to handle items up to 10 tonnes and size ranging up to 2.7 meters diameter and up to 10 meters long. We aim to complete all Inspection work within an acceptable time frame for all our Clients-working 24/7 if required.

This allows you to:

  • Minimise transport logistics and interruption to your contract programme by carrying out remedial work at our premises.
  • Minimise ‘on site’ Radiography by utilising our Bay 1 facility for large components.
  • Minimise your long wait ‘black hole’ experiences by taking advantage of our three bay facility and 24/7 service.

What are the benefits of using Radiography?

  • Can be used on almost any material – Due to using X-rays the object is penetrated without any damage.
  • High quality images are produced which shows the true internal nature of the objects condition.
  • Discloses fabrication errors.

Here at BNDT you can be assured all work carried out meets your time frame.

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